Dreams That Shrank?

(Originally Written March 19th, 2012)

Do we think and dream smaller these days? Did community-wide aspirations, broadly speaking, shrink over the years? There used to be people with dreams of building a Jedi Temple, unifying and raising the Sith to the mainstream spotlight, creating academies of greatness (in and of itself, and in the students that would pass through it). Whether I agree with any or all of these aspirations is beside the point.

I look at many of the discussions, and I wonder where all of that went? Seems like the Jedi got a small taste of their dream in their organized Gatherings and called it good. Seems the dark spirituality in many circles is just about clarifying their lack of evil and stressing that they’re not crazy, that they’re something to be taken seriously, by repetatively emphasizing that they are down to earth, grounded in reality and practicality.

‘Cause that matters so much, right? *rolls eyes* And for anyone that reads this post, you’ve got to understand… I’m using a certain kind of community as an example, but I’m not just talking about me or people similar to me, I’m not confining this to Force Realism. I want people to stop being afraid to dream big. Even if what you get is smaller than what you wanted, it’s still more than you’ll get if you lower your sights to a so-called “realistic” level.

It’s the same as the difference between having (and trying to meet) high expectations or lowering them so as to not be disappointed; you probably get more out of actually trying, even if you fail. If you lower them though, you’ll probably reap far less. I guess if that’s the way you want to play it… but in my opinion you might as well not bother having aspirations.

Of course, I’m sure there’s probably someone out there that’s going to accuse me or those like me of disregarding reality. That’s just not the case though. I say sure, take into account what Is; but not as an excuse to shy away from what could be, what you want it to be.

(Written March 19th, 2012 | Re-worked May 8th, 2012 | Idle Musings)


Additional Notes (6-13-12): I’d say that, looking back on this, I still want people to stop being afraid to dream big, or at least to stop letting that fear hold them back or cripple them. However, I don’t mind that only a few ever will, and fewer still will get anywhere in making it happen, especially if it (a persons dream) is not part of any current trends.

And in recent months I’m far, far less troubled by there only being a select few that excel or will rise to any sort of elite status at anyplace or in anything. Encouragement is less to inspire or raise people that wouldn’t otherwise raise themselves, and more to bait/nourish flowers waiting to bloom, reassuring them so that their will to grow isn’t as liable to wilt before they even unfurl.


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