Jedi Vs. Jedi Doctrine

Misc. thoughts and scribblings on the subject.


“To deny your emotion is to deny who you are. I would have done the same thing if I thought there was a way to keep the ones I loved from dieing. It’s called being human. Not some flesh based robot like the Jedi.”
~Ryoku Zetsumei

I noticed this comment when I was scrolling down the newsfeed on facebook, it was one of the comments to a quote posted by the wookiepedia page (Qui-Gon’s spirit talking to Obi-Wan).

Here’s the way I look at it…

On the one hand: Yeah, I’m human to. In fact, I don’t just excuse myself from moralitstic or light teachings by way of my humanity, I revel in being human and arguably seek to elevate it, to be in sync. Or maybe “seek” isn’t the right words these days. I could say that at this point it’s just what I do.

On the other hand: I don’t think I should ever see a Jedi saying how unrealistic Jedi teachings are, or how they’re contrary to human nature… at least not as an excuse not to live by them. Yes, they’re inhuman, yes, they’re unrealistic, yes, etc. ad naseum. They’re fucked up. But that stance is born out of my choice to live in such a way that happens to be contrary to Light teachings. No Jedi can rightfully claim the same thing, and any Jedi that does should rethink their position on the subject or else stop tainting the ideal with their shortcomings, their lack of genuine desire to transform themselves into a vessel of light, so to speak.

I get a regular guy like the one I quoted opposing Jedi doctrine, and I sure as shit understand why someone like me will argue against it. But Jedi shouldn’t agree with my stance on something like this imho.

I picked out specific quotes of from what I consider true Jedi – espousing light sentiments that had some fucking integrity and dedication to what they believed in – in the Force Realist Quotes thread at the FA. Some of the other light quotes weren’t to bad, but (naturally) I prefer the ones I posted :p . Here are some of them…

I will place my life in the service of others. I will not allow those who rob us of our freedom and liberty to win, they will eventually make a mistake and I will be their to bring them to justice.

This is my call. This is why I am a Light Jedi and this is my duty.”
~Christopher Garret

I am a Light Side Jedi because I believe in optimistic ideals, I believe in humanity, and I feel that we all have an energy that we can tap into as a cohesive worlda universalpower outletthat we can all use to make the world a better place. Thats what we, as Light Side Jedi, must use this to do. We must keep our idealswe must retain our hopeand we have to continue to believe in something better for everyone as a whole.”
~Jedi Knight G

A Jedi is first and foremost a servant. They serve the Force, the world, theTemple and the Council,” and finally themselves. They serve out of choice, not because they are any less than any of those entities, but being a Jedi is a life of service.”
~Kir-wan Queren

The nature of our position is that of idealism. We, as Light Jedi, cling to the hope that life can, and will be, better. We cling to the belief that we have an effect through our actions, and that by counteracting negative events, we can turn them into positive ones.”
~Jedi Knight G

Adhering to theThere is no emotion; there is peaceideals presented within the Jedi Code, we must be mindful of compassion. Like all emotions we feel it, but that does not mean it should influence our decisions. We should do the right thing, because it is the right thing, not because we an emotion compels us to.”
~Opie Macleod

We are brought together by the Light Side doctrine of the Force to make an improvement on the situations we see around us. Sometimes, this involves standing up for what we believe in, and other times, it calls for charity work. Whatever the situation, in order to be a Jedi, you must first follow the codes that are set forth by the Jedi. These include searching for knowledgekeeping control of your emotionsand most of all, helping those in need.”
~Jedi Knight G

When a Light Jedi falls to the Dark Side, it occurs because on some level a retardation of ethical objectivism has occurred and the Jedi has decided to do what is right for him or her even at the expense of the health, harmony, and happiness of other sentient beings.”
~John Camilleiri

For any Jedi Realists that comes across this, pay special attention to that last quotation. To re-word it, if you find yourself agreeing with someone like me about how to treat people, how to look at them, how to train yourself, how to help others, etc. … you very well might have fucked up somewhere along the way.

Let me offer a piece of advice (I shouldn’t, because if any lightsiders take it to heart it’ll be an endless pain in the ass for me any time I interact with them, but still…): just because I sound reasonable doesn’t mean you should give in to the temptation to buy what I’m selling. Stand by your convictions in the face of doubt, and worryabout figuring out/justifying the choice to retain your integrity afterwards. Retreat and re-evaluate, but for fuck sake, don’t just give away your integrity or dilute and devalue your path like that.


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