Musings On Masks

From The Mask (Part 1 of ?)

“We are not soulless monsters without feelings. We desire the same types of company and companionship as anybody else, but we cannot allow our mask to slip in front of those who are unprepared for the ugliness that is deep within our souls.”
~The Oncoming Storm

Not being soulless, having feelings (and embracing them) could perhaps be what makes up that ugliness deep within. It could very well be why we are monsters. If we’re not, what is there that we must protect others from with a mask? And what is there behind such a mask to keep hidden from others?

Context-Specific: I wonder, has your mask slipped before? What happened. You’re engaged right? Has your fiance ‘seen’ your true face? (minus the second and third sentence in grey, leaving just the question, thf question is still worth asking yourself if you happen to be reading this.

“How might this relate to you? Do you wear a mask? Are you one of the rare Extroverted in the Dark Aspect?”
~The Oncoming Storm

Not that long ago, I wrote about masks being a relic of the past. I guess you could say I wear masks though, as much as anyone else in some respects. If I remember right, first I found the idea of masks to be acceptable and usable, then I learned to shatter mine and hurt others with honesty. During that time, I think it’s fair to say I had little more than contempt for ‘masks’ and the people that wear them. Since then, I’ve come to favor the idea of composure, which is kind of situational I guess, and the composure for something specific can probably be likened to a mask. So altogether for me and my outlook on masks, it kind of went from “sold” to “rejected and despised” to “appreciative and mindful”.

There’s some quote/notion about religion, average people, wise people, leaders, and how they all look at it differently that parallels this, in a way, that I’ve come across before and it kind of relates to this. I just can’t remember the exact details of it… something along the lines of the average man seeing it an buying into it, wise men seeing it simply for what it is (with their view of it perhaps being colored by a bit of contempt), and leaders seeing it as useful. Anyways, it lines up with the progression of my attftude towards masks, roughly speaking.

As far as being an extrovert of an introvert, I guess I usually fall into the category of introvert. lol I can talk a good game, I can work with people, I have a fair amount of experience in persuasion and even the active exercise of charisma over a good few people, but at the end of the day… it is draining, and I’m ultimately a very reserved person. The difference between me and the guy that still has trouble meeting new people and/or talking with them, or that can barely stand in front of a crowd and speak, is probably in that I’ve learned how through experience, and they’ve held themselves back from exploring such things.

Edit: Found the notion/quote I was thinking of…

“Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by rulers as useful.”

I’d say the evolution of my view on masks went, roughly, like that of the common people, to that of the wise, to that of the ruler.



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