Becoming Stranger

As we go through life, we all experience change. In thinking about it, I’m reminded of a quote from the Joker (as opposed to Nietzsches more popular one), “Whatever doesn’t kill you, simply makes you stranger”. When it comes to the evolution – on the individual level or on a wider scale – it seems far more apt that Nietzsche’s, ” Whatever does not kill you will only make you stronger”. I happen to agree with both, but I’ve come to prefer the former. See, strength is a relative thing. I remember an assertion in the Yami Doko training program (the second core foundation) that strength is not a relative thing, that you know it when you see it. But that’s just it: you know it when you see it. What one person sees as strength, another might see as weakness. Kindness can be regarded either way. So can cruelty, self-preservation, or service. So too can emotion be seen one way or the other.

We all want something (or many things), and there’s different strokes for different folks, as they say. Naturally of course, there’s going to be conflict amongst all these desires in our small little world; some of us want the same things and have to be able to take it even as others try to do the same, and even when there’s more diversity in our desires and people aren’t looking to get the same thing, getting what you want might make it harder for someone else to get the thing that they want. But what you want might be so different from what someone else wants (and/or thinks that other people should want to) that what you do to sate them might seem like weakness to them. We all become stranger for our experiences though, not definitively stronger, just… changed.

(I wrote some of this fragment/note – actually most of it – on May 18th. Khaos did a show not to long ago hitting on this exact same thing though. I remember him mentioning that the butterfly wasn’t necessarily better than the caterpillar, it was different. I think it was Self Improvement = Self Delusion, which is one of the most recent ones. I always love/hate reading a holocron entry, new thread, or listening to a show, and stumbling onto something I’d been mulling over a month/day/week/insert measurement of time ago. The Joker quote, or at least the essence of it if not the quote itself, has actually played a siginifcant role in what I’ve come to see as monsters, and has helped shape some of the insights/thoughts I’ve had in relation to that lately. Mighz type out and post some of those soon (or not lol, we’ll see).)




  1. I still wouldn’t say strength is relative, just its perception. They say your perception dictates your reality, haha, but that doesn’t make it true,and the world can have a way of kicking your perceptiin in the teeth.

    Some who have made the mistake of kindness as a weakness in others, have had a rude awakening from the assumption.

    1. Even if your perception gets kicked in the teeth, I think it still determines your reality. It just so happens that it can get jarred and changed by the rest of the world, especially if you haven’t familiarized yourself with your perceptions and tested how they hold up.

      Some who have seen kindness as a weakness in others… lol, have also exploited the shit out of it. Really, I think things are kind of relative, you just shouldn’t use it as an excuse or cop out for personal weakness or anything. Or, like with the kindness as a weakness thing, assume that just because something like that *can* be a weakness to play on doesn’t mean it should be applied as a blanket statement of “kindness always equals weakness” (’cause that’s one of those things that’s definately liable to kick you in the teeth).

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