Hope, Passion, Etc.

(Written May 14th, 2012)

To be without hope is to be weak(?). Is that an accurate statement to make? Maybe. Without there is no hollow within to fill or flame within to feed.

Relates to passion? Alone, passion means nothing. But passion that’s strong enough leads to (or is) strengthening. The greater the passion the stronger its vessel becomes. Either that or the individual (i.e. the vessel) gets fucked up early on – and I say “early on” because it’ll ravage you anyways, but not all vessels are equal in their capacities or potential. Growing stronger expands ones potential field of influence (or, to use alt. terminology, ones field of ‘gravity’). Exercising and integrating that strength into ones power yields victory. Victory, achievement, success… they lead to the breaking of some chains and the creation of others (chains which can often be more subtle, seductive, and/or comfortable than the ones that preceded them).



One comment

  1. I don’t think being without hope is being weak is accurate. I know in my lifetime, I haven’t had much to “hope” for, but that does not mean I became weak. My passion is my strength. When my “hope” failed me, my passion as the backbone that kept me going through till my victory was assured. Even with changing tactics, my “passion” is my backbone, because it never fails me. Hope can fail.

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