Treachery Is Empowering

(Written May 5th)

On Teachery Is Everywhere bit…

Treachery just seems (at least potentially) empowering in the same way nihilism can be empowering. In the grand scheme of things, let’s say nothing matters. That frees you up: what do you feel like doing? Decide what matters. Same thing, basically, with treachery: that’s right, maybe you can’t trust people, ideas, religions, or any of that, maybe you can’t trust any stability that your words, beliefs, relationships, or anything else might seem to have. There it is, now deal with it. With awareness of it, what’s the excuse? You didn’t expect that to be a lie? People lie. You thought you could depend on your buddy for a ride since he rarely lets you down? Maybe something came up. *shrugs* Do whatever it is you do, do it well, and know that everything is treacherous.

Further thoughts…

Lies aren’t always meant to be malicious, or even intentional, but they still happen. You’ll still encounter them. Your friend might’ve intended to give you a ride, but maybe his wife was in an accident and he had to go to the hospital to see her. Blame who you want, but sometimes the footing you were depending on just slides right out from under you. Treachery is like a storm, it doesn’t have to seek you out, it’s just there and if it throws a branch into your windshield or drops a tree on your house, you’ll still have to deal with that shit. Be mad, surprised, etc… whatever the situations inspires. But handle it.



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