Mindless Self-Indulgence

(Written January 15th, 2012)

What do I mean by mindless self indulgence? I mean stupid greed. I see these spurts of political activisism online and on the news, I see people talk shit about greed, and I see people crying out “poor me, poor me, oh give me some attention, give me some sympathy, poor me, poor me”. Whinny, do-nothing twats most of the time.

Some of them, the ones that’ve recently been out in protest I suppose, could argue that they’ve done more than me. Maybe… but here’s the thing: I have an excellent understanding of my own stances regarding economic and foreign policy and I know that if I wanted to bad enough I could do what they’re doing, and I could do it better. I don’t think most of them really want it that bad, because what’s more important is feeling involved in a movement, wearing the new “goodguy badge”, so to speak.

And even those that crave the change usually seem to be either stupid or uncharismatic; which brings me to mindless self-indulgence. Rather than seeking effective influence, they use vulgar, unfocused, lazy methods – almost exclusively, in my opinion. Where is the public speaking, the rallying, the leadership and the coherency? It doesn’t take money to get up in a crowd of protestors and speak, in doesn’t take money to figure out what to say. And hell, it doesn’t even take much money to write a manifesto of some sort and print out enough copies to hand out to people – not to mention that it’s free to spread from place to place on the internet.

And the criticisms that I have heard, as I said, often seem to hone in on the greed of wealthy people. I have a problem with that argument completely aside from the people it’s coming from or the sloppy manner it’s conveyed. The problem isn’t greed itself, that would benefit people. The problem, as I see it, is instant gratification without enough forethought put into it… or, in other words, mindless self indulgence.

Huge corporations don’t go bankrupt because of greed. If that greed was guided by intellect it wouldn’t destroy the source of its satisfaction, it would perpetuate the existence of it. So when CEO’s are bleeding their companies dry instead of maintaining them, bettering and furthering them, it’s because of stupidity. Not greed. Just incompetence. So to with the protestors whining in the streets or bitching incestantly online. Here’s the bottom line: if you want change through the existing system in its current form, vote everybody out of office in their respective elections, and maybe consider running for office yourself; if you want change through a movement involving protests, bring your intent into focus and make yourself known, make an actual attempt to carry the tide of those that feel the same way; and if you want radical, expediate change, exercise your second amendment rights.

Assuming that the government and the politics are important enough to you to devote your time and energy to it. Otherwise, admit that while you care, you don’t really care enough to devote your time, your effort, your feelings, your attention, your very life to such a cause… admit it, then shut the fuck up. I don’t feel the need to persuade anybody one way or the other, I don’t care what choice you make, but make a choice.

(Written January 15th, 2012 (i.e. slightly outdated/obsolete))


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