Fresh Cut Flowers

I’ve been Sith since I was twelve – that is, for about a decade now, since I was just a kid – and I’ve been pretty aware of the affairs of most online communities dealing in Force Realism for most of that time. I’m not something new, and the communities aren’t new to me. In some ways, you could say I’m jaded by it all. And there are times you could catch me seeing things in exactly the same way as any other person that’s jaded, that feels disenchanted. 

The things that have gone on for these years, online and off, the way in which I’ve looked at all of it… even the way others have (or still do) look upon me, my history, and my doings. Add to that my gift (or curse, if you prefer) of excellent remembrance, both in longevity and accuracy, and sometimes it begins to look the same as always. There are times when it seems like there’s nothing new, that there couldn’t possibly be any innovation, anything prodigious… anything I haven’t already seen… that it’s just the same old ground we’ve broken before. Do you have any idea how fucking boring that is? *laughs*

But then there are individuals that shatter the lethargy, bringing fresh new flowers from their inner garden into our little garden of evil; the presence of people with fresh, crisp passion, vitality, have signified times of renewal and almost always bring with them an insatiable hunger, a need to seek out or, if necessary, grow the fuel they need to feed the surge of growth and advancement. There are a plethora of names I could drop here if I wanted to recount the times this has happened and the dynamics involved, but I think I’ll settle for a few of the newer bouquets I’ve mentioned in the recent past, and a short list of the newest and/or current ones…

More than just signifiers of a renewed cycle, they’re a sort of reminder to me of my own ups and downs and the nature of the shifts between these polar extremes within myself. Sure, there are times in which I feel jaded and bored, but really they’re just moments when I slip a bit in remaining mindful of my tendencies, my shortcomings, as it were. There are two points that amount to such instances not being nearly as detrimental as they might seem: a) there are cycles at play here, on various levels, within each individual, each faction of a community, each community as a whole, and so on, cycles that could be explained (somewhat) adequately through the idea of polarities, and b) the idea of these cycles applies just as much to me as to anyone else.

(Fun Facts: Original Working Title: Original. Insatiable. Fresh Cut Flowers. Title changed when the underlying idea of what I’m talking about changed. Originally Written June 13th, 2012. What You’re reading: Up To Date.)



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