Animal Nature & Intellectual Pursuits

I was re-reading some of the writings on one of Luciana’s blogs, and came across part of a post that relates to the idea of (self-made) monsters.

“I’ve come to think there are two kinds of Sith – or Dark Side practioners, perhaps I should say – those for whom the full embrace of their passion and animal natures are important, and those for whom the intellectual pursuit of the left-hand path is.”
~Luciana, It Is Winter Now & The Roses’ Petals Are Bright Against The Snow

I think both are present in the best of us, but which is monstrous? The former, I think, at least more so than the intellectual side of things… and the more some semblance of that is present, the more sophisticated that monster is. So maybe darksiders in general are less prone to being monsters, there’s still plenty of room for wanting acceptance or approval from others, still plenty of room to obscure ones true nature with over-intellectualizing.

Sith, on the other hand (and especially in the sense Luciana means it), embrace their nature and intellectualize about it secondarily or not at all, depending on their inclination towards thinking, talking, conceptualizing, and theorizing. Though I’m not sure I can entirely get behind it, it’s an interesting distinction. Regardless though…

The purity and simplicity of embracing ones animal nature and seeing that as the foundation from which all ones actions spring… That may be where the monster begins. But then, it occurs to me that a monstrous soul can – and often does – originate from an intellectual starting point, transitioning (i.e. being seduced) into simply Being. She herself goes on to mention that she started off in the more intellectual camp, and slowly drifted into the other, especially when she began to reconnect to her ‘heathen roots’, as she put it.

“As I establish old ties and reconnect to my heathen roots, I remember the Hunger, the Rage, and I remember what it is to run with wolves…”
~Luciana, It Is Winter Now & The Roses’ Petals Are Bright Against The Snow

Altogether, I think the more intellectual side of things can be a gateway to ones bestial nature and, at the same time, can come to obscure it. I remember the latter applied to Draeth in most ways, at least when he first showed up at the Order and the Force Academy. A lot of people seem to have a complicated and ever-varied mixture in how their intellect has affected their perception and attunement to their true nature. How one might guide them as they evolve and change – or at least what one might observe as they change and evolve on their own – is just as varied, I think.



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