Lao Tzu’s Stupidity

I like quotes, and consequently have ended up ‘following’ quite a few twitter accounts centering around quotation tweets since registering an account on that site. A while ago, I started running into a lot of old popular ones that I’ve come across before. Some of them, I only ever read once or twice a few years ago and didn’t quite know what to make of them. There’s been a couple lately that’ve made me smile though; they’re so widely known and accepted… and they’re so outrageously misguided.

A couple months ago I had to nab one of them and tweet it with what I felt – and feel – are appropriate hashtags, just for kicks:
#Idiocy #Stupidity #Mediocrity “Manifest plainness, embrace simplicity. Reduce selfishness, have few desires.”-Lao Tzu

If you like that little tweet, Khaos did a show a few months ago entitled Conventional Wisdom = Mediocre Reality that might be of interest, it has what I consider to be a similar theme, as hinted at in the title. There was another quote I just stumbled onto in my twitter feed that I thought about adding to this post, but I didn’t feel like throwing it in. *shrugs* There’s plenty of them out there though. So many of which are the sentiments of idiots or their champions, protectors, and abusers/users. (Nothing wrong with that of course, but like I said, they sure get me grinning sometimes.)

Check out the show I mentioned. And/or follow me on twitter. lol Or not.



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