The Presidential Election

America’s got an STD no matter how you look at it, no matter what you do, and the election process allows for a choice: retain the current one or try a new one. If you refrain from voting then you have less right to bitch about the symptoms, because you’re either in denial about having it, you don’t think it makes a difference, or you don’t care. Regardless of which STD you choose though, if you make a choice for yourself then I can appreciate that you want to weigh in on how to deal with it afterwards.

People that don’t think they have a choice aren’t thinking, or they don’t want to admit they lack the balls to exercise their second amendment right. If you think the system is so fucked up that there’s no point in choosing which STD you want for your country, there’s always the option of purging it, which is violent, messy, dangerous, and possibly fatal. But just because you’re to much of a pussy to take that route, or you don’t think it’s bad enough to merit such drastic action, doesn’t mean it’s not on the table.

If I choose which STD I prefer though, and I made an attempt to get the one I prefer, I get more of a say in how its dealt with. I can bitch and criticize if I want to. If you want to bitch, then at least vote. The difference may be minimal or even seem nonexistent, but I bet not voting doesn’t do a goddamn thing either. Exercise your second amendment rights, or vote.

“I hope some of you reconsider your decision to not vote. Every vote counts. And those of you who do decide to vote, I hope you’ve taken some time to really get some information about the issues at hand.”
~Failed Save




  1. People who choose not to vote don’t bother me. Way I figure it, they still voted. They’ll just never be in the majority unless they campaign as well. Still, unless its sheer laziness its still an active choice.

    Not to day I agree with there choice and yet, one can actively choose to not play the game At all.

    I would only ask that it was informed, and if they actively and collectively try and make an impact with the notion.

    1. That’s kind of my sentiment on it. This was actually a very satisfying little rant to post, especially since when I read it after I’d written it all out to me it seems like it projects more anger than I felt when I put it into words. I’m actually being pretty playful with it (which I’d initially thought the use of STDs as a metaphor would convey, but like I say, when I read it after putting it into words it came off as ranty and angry).

      It’s kind of funny the two random things that inspired it to, at least to me. Comparing presidential candidates to sexually transmitted diseases that you ban’t get rid of was due to a caption thing people were sharing on facebook a lot a year or two ago, and the ‘targets’ of what I had to say here were inspired by the people I know that used the excuse that they were choosing not to vote while not bothering to make an impact with the notion; it’s because they didn’t feel like walking down the community center where you cast your ballot, spending ten minutes to familiarize themselves with the local and state propositions, or spending the five minutes it take to walk in, fill in the little bubbles on your ballot, and turn it in before leaving. Basically, a cute metaphor and the laziness and apathy of the people I know were the inspiration.

      And probably the most awesome tidbit is that it probably took me less than five minutes to write this and reorder some of the wording before I posted it in my holocron.

      “Not to day I agree with there choice and yet, one can actively choose to not play the game At all.”

      The way I look at this, in a nutshell, is that I have a problem with people not even making the deliberate choice or at the very least admitting that they don’t care. The kicker, I think, it that even once they have though, lol they become potentially fair game for the choice they made. But one step at a time 😆

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