(Written August 24th)

“Theatricality and deception. Powerful agents for the uninitiated. But we are initiated. Aren’t we, Bruce?”
~Bane, The Dark Knight Rises

This quote was brought to my attention when Khaos referenced it in a discussion at the FA ( have, unfortunately, not yet seen the newest Batman movie). I saw it being used, and thought to myself, “Exactly.”. The initiated can see through the theatrics. Fresh out of the box they tend to realize that there were these elements to everything, and that from where they were at before it was muddying the waters, so theatrics at that stage might be something the individual feels inclined to sneer at. Initiated or not.

Over time though, the more experienced practitioners can come to appreciate the power of mindfully using deception, manipulation, misdirection, extravagence, and so on. Always keep in mind, not everyone is “initiated”, and giving people the benefit of the doubt or depriving them of the opportunity to learn how to see through and, eventually, use theatrics on their own, will often be a waste of your time. Pay attention to what you’re doing, be aware of the kind of people you’re dealing with. Don’t assume everybody is to stupid to see through dramatic language, but don’t expect everyone is perceptive enough to know what you’re really on about.




  1. Ok, you gotta see that movie. All I’m gonna say. Bane will never outshine the joker for me, but they were neck and neck.

    I went the day after the shooting. Lol, fucking place was empty.

    1. Lucky. The less people likely to kick my seat, the better. I’ll probably pick up the dvd at target or walmart pretty soon. Everything I’ve read or heard about it makes me want to see it, so it’ll be in my small collection right next to the “Batman: The Dark Knight” soon enough 😈 .

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