Contemplating Lectures

The orchestrator and his musicians. A representation of reason (the conductor) and passion(the whole lot of musicians). Shuning reason and giving in to passion is a choice I made years ago. Since then I have risen higher than that; and have indeed long since recalled the conductor of the spirit. It, like so many other things – such as hate and anger bountiful enough to fill the world; resentment of everybody, including myself; placing my feet into the shoes of villiany and ‘evil’; tight gripped control of emotions – was a stage in my path that I have in large part overcome through experience, contemplation, ruthlessness, and more.

The anology he used that I have difficulty in applying to the individual is of the shepherd and his sheep. To some degree it works, but sheep are domesticated. Perhaps that is to be found in the spirit of most men, but I don’t know as I can only speak for my own. My passions are simply to wild, vicious, eccentric to be termed sheep. They are more akin to wolves, ferocious; to black panthers, sly and quick; snakes, slimy and treacherous; foxes, cunning; all in all, considerably more wild, more natural than a sheep.

I said, not to long ago, that I didn’t consider leadership to be a need for me, but in retrospect the statement seems inaccurate. I am not concerned with others, but with myself as an individual, and to have a sovereignty of the Self does entail leadership. I know the titles are no longer really used here, but as a Sith practitioner I will use the title of Sith Lord (with which I would equate to Dark Master here) as an example. The reason behind claiming a kind of ‘Lordship’ is a claim of Lordship over the Self.

The relationships a Dark Adept should be concerned with in his training, the relationships that I am concerned with lie within. And insurgency, unrest are of course going to occur; I believe this will be looked at when it comes time for a lecture and discussion on inner conflict in this dark training program. A good leader, someone in possession of his domain (his Self) ought to be able to deal with it as it arises. I must be the orchestrator of my own musical players; must guide my passion with reason.

And of “entering into evil”, I find this to be just an encouragement towards immersing oneself in taboo; it is a stage of growth, or was for me and in my case lead to a trek ‘beyond good and evil’.

“If you are not prepared to fight without quarter don’t play this game.”

Truly? I should think it better that an individual reak havoc on himself either way. Those unwilling to play in this manner will eventually (in all likelihood) become decadent, breathing, walking corpses anyways. But yes, I agree that to play the game of self-discovery one must be prepared to perpetrate brutality against oneself and is likely better off in being aware of such before becoming the recipient of his own savage acts of honesty.

(Contemplating Lectures: Of Good and Evil | Written February 21st, 2010 | For more writings pertaining to perspectives on Evil, particularly in how it relates to my outlooks and such, Ref. Musings On Evil & The Flowers Of Evilboth revisit the subject and were written more recently than this contemplation of Paimons lecture.)



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