Heaven On The Brain

You’ve lost your mind to the skies,
Drifting further away with each tick of the clock.
But you’ve long since forgotten how the time flies.
You’ve lost your ability to give a flying fuck.

You’ll never listen to anyone elses untruths,
Not even of family and friends, no matter how desperate the cries,
Even if they’re the only ones left trying to break through
To the other side of your self-served lies.

This is what it’s like to have heaven on the brain.
Paradise carries the mind away, to delusion and euphoria.
It will bring you down, pull you apart, and drive you insane.
Rendering each pice of your life, your death, meaningless.

None of it matters and so you do nothing
Regardless of what happens, before or after the flies.
Buzzing so muffled by apathy you won’t hear when they come.
Piece by piece you wither, until all of you dies.



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