To be effective, to manifest ones potential, head and heart have to work in concert. But they rarely do. I think that a lot of it has to do with passion being overwhelmed and smothered by the contstructs, thought processes, and social conditioning a lot of us experience as we grow up. Thinking back, in an old lecture called Of Good and Evil the inverse is suggested with the metaphor of an orchestra and its conductor.

“If only they were free to play as they wish, instead of the way he demands, the performance would be far better. Is not art enhanced by creativity? Is not the authoritarian conductor suppressing their freedom of expression?

They rebel against the conductor driving him from the podium. Independence at last! But when they start rehearsing by themselves it is chaos and chaos soon degenerates into a free-for-all.”

I must say though, that it’s more often the case in illustrations and examples of mediocrity that the conductor becomes overbearing and does indeed suppress the performance, reducing it to a mockery of what it could potentially be. Overly cautious, meticulous in indulging his artificial need to avoid mistakes, and conditioned to operate under a false idea of what the ‘right way’ is and what the ‘wrong way’ is. Overthinking, and stances that are completely unsupportive of his musicians, par excellence.

The ‘rebellion and withdrawal routine’ of the mind is fairly common and pretty easy to see in less developed (and often newer) students. It how obscures your feelings and passion. It’s like Bane’s loss of his ability to command the Force after realizing that he’d unwittingly killed his father with the power of it years ago (ref. Darth Bane: Path Of Destruction). His mind threw up walls to protect it from itself, from the true potential within that he’d come face-to-face with in murdering a rival.

Those walls cut him off from his connection to the Force, obfuscated his emotions, and rendered him a shadow of the student he had been before his victory over Fohargh. You see it easily in individuals that hate or loathe their lives (where it’s at and where it’s heading), you can see it in people that feel lost emotionally, or disconnected from themselves, or confused about who they are or what they want. They don’t seem to have any fire, any enthusiasm for life. They’re lethargic, caught up in a stupor.

The mind does shit like this to us all the time if we let it… and I don’t know if it’s because, evolutionarily speaking, it’s a newer component of the human animal than emotion, instinct, and intuition, and that the complimentary nature is still working out the kinks and bugs as humanity goes on, or if the mind does things like this (in a sense, self-sabatoge) because of what most of us are conditioned to believe, think, behave, etc. from an early age. But I do know that when it’s not operating in concert with the bestial elements of the individual, ‘malfunctions’ and self-sabatoge of the sort I’ve described tends to occur quite a lot.

“It’s acceptance. The willingness to surrender to what [your true nature] asks of you. To stop denying it by rationalizing denial as self-discipline and avoidance of powerful emotions.” ~Lumiya

If you never surrender to what your heart asks of you, if you never surrender to yourself, your desires, you’ll be nothing. Just another commonplace vessel ravaged by the Force, no different and no better than the most mediocre of them. Once you stop denying it, rationalizing denial as self-discipline and avoidance of powerful emotions, you can start to evolve into a vessel that stands out above others for its excellence and its shameless embrace of the nature it had initially rebeled against. Basically, I think the mind must surrender to, serve, and support your heart. The marriage of passion and reason has to have a semblance of effectiveness in what the two married partners turn their attentions to, in what they become focused on doing.

(P.S. Don’t take my use of terms like “surrender” or “acceptance” to seriously. I realize Jedi like to use those, but I doubt I mean the same thing when I’m using them.)



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