Spread Of The Dark

What change, big or small, would you like your blog to make in the world?
~Daily Prompt, Nov. 12th, 2012 (from The Daily Post)

I really don’t know, at the moment. Originally, the intent was part of a littering campaign. That is, part of my spreading bits and pieces of dark teachings, opinions, perspectives, and breadcrumbs on the internet that lead back to gateways. The more this blog comes up in search engines, the more that Dark Aspect widget for the Facebook page might be seen. The more I write, the farther my darkness might spread. Nothing to ambitious, I admit, but still a worthwhile aim. Liesurely, largely excluding commitment or obligations.

I suppose it’s more or less the same now as it was than, more that a year ago now… my, how time flies by. I started this blog in September last year, I think right before my birthday. It’s purpose in the moment changes a lot, and has been many things thus far. I’ve used Maleficus Amor to showcase older writings, some of them terribly outdated. I’ve shared snippets of works in progress as well as pieces of writings and lectures that I’ve virtually abandoned. I’ve posted lectures that, while often reworked down the road, made their first appearance here.

I think if I had to sum up the change I want to make in the world with this blog though, I’d have to refer you to the custom title of the view counter on the main page, which I posted about recently after it exceeded ten thousand. It reads, “Spread of the Dark”.

That’s all I’m really doing here, however small. Each new view is a potential spread of darkness, big or small. See, I don’t always care much for the glory of a shooting star, dazzling and short-lived. I’m more a creature of what you might call the ‘unifying force’, and while I’m better for my immersion in the more immediate aspects of my Way of Life, my natural inclination is far more subtle. Point being, the simple truth of it is this website isn’t/wasn’t meant to be a treasure trove of gems, though it’s littered with references to just that sort of thing.

Maleficus Amor is full of unpolished posts, musings, and freewrites, as well as old writings, the start of newer ones, fragments of unreleased pieces, abandoned ones, and so on. Much of which you could consider fertilizer, if you like. The blog itself, a personal amphitheater. Or, as I described it way back when I started posting here, a playground for thoughts, ideas, musings, ramblings, info, and of course, playfullness. That’s not to say I don’t have much in the way of ambition, just that this isn’t necessarily the place to be looking for it from me.



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