Doses Of Chaos

Sandy Like A Beach is a blog I subscribed to awhile back. Not my usual forte, but I love the chaotic, shotgun blast posts there. Sometimes I don’t even care about the subject matter, but I still get sucked in because of the style. Not always, but often… it’s a small dose of chaos captured in a post. It’s a lot like some of my earlier posts here, at least the feel of it… to me, that is. I’m naturally inclined to be a little neater, even in my messier streams of thought, but the “here, there, back here again, then over there, now over yonder” is something I’m kind of partial to for some reason. I have no idea what the writer of that blog would think of my description (maybe she’ll say lol), but that’s the impression I get when I read her posts.

The erratic posting bolsters that impression, which is another likeness between this blog and hers. And in the spirit of that likeness, how about an excerpt from one of her most recent posts…

“This little bit of nonsense that I write from time to time has been a wonderful creative outlet for me. I am not the bloggiest blogger. I don’t post everyday or on any kind of set schedule. I don’t post many comments but I am delighted or moved by the many blogs I read. So I’m grateful to have found a safe place for my imagination to play and I am so very grateful to each of you that take the time to read my silly meanderings.”
~Sandy, Sexiest Man Consumed Pecan Wine For Early Morning Tap Dance

Unlike her, I’m not always particularly “grateful”, persay… I suspect I should be, but if we’re being honest here I’d be doing my own thing and writing on this blog regardless of how many readers I actually had. I like the occassional comment, but if regular interaction with me is the aim you might want to consider registering an account at the Force Academy (see what I did there? I slid in a little gateway to the FA’s forum *wink*wink*). Otherwise you’ll probably be settling for minimal interaction and maximum ‘whatever the hell I feel like’.

I’m glad if you get anything out of what I say, or if this serves as a gate.way to other things that resonate with or interest you, but this is still my little playground, one in which I’ll continue to screw around with in whatever way I feel like – which sometimes means apparent ‘silence’ – and I’ll do it with or without attention. I’m sure that’s part of the charm of it, but I don’t necessarily do whatever I want because some people like that, I do it because I want to. Like referencing Sandy Like A Beach. I realize this might seem contradictory to what I said in Spread Of The Dark, and in some ways it probably is, but here in regards to this post I’m talking more about ‘consistent readers’.

See, there’s a significant contrast between the way I tend to look at it and the way it’s often talked about by people more focused on their blogs, using it for different purposes, and sources like the wordpress blog where I happened on that prompt I used at the beginning of my last post. If you’re a regular reader of this thing, I’m glad you find the fragments of writing here interest you and I suppose I appreciate the attention, but I’m not likely bend over backwards to keep getting it. Whether you like most of what I say here, all of it, or only one or two things I’ve said… any one of those is within the realm of what I’d call desireable.




  1. Thanks for the mention. It’s weird that I don’t really think of my style as chaotic but apparently it is. A guy I spend quite a bit of time with is always telling me to stay on point because my mind tends to just go here, then there and then over there before it heads back here again.

    1. I think you stay on point pretty well actually; the way I look at it, it’s just more fun to read. You seem to go here and there, but it doesn’t really take away from where you started. In fact, to me it kind of adds to it.

      “Thanks for the mention.”
      No problem 🙂 .

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