Because I Say So

“As an atheist, you can very well choose to prescribe morals yourself.

Ultimately, anyone can say ‘this is wrong because I SAY SO’ . Sure then you can go with the ‘oh I say it isn´t wrong’, but…”
~MeMyself (excerpt of his response in a discussion)

The discussion I pulled the above from was linked to by Aemilius in his holocoan at the FA (Liber Aemilii). The guy (or girl?) I’m quoting goes on to one of them citing laws, and those being the collectives “I say so”, but this is where the whole idea of “might makes right” comes in, the way I look at it. Just because you “say so” doesn’t mean a damn thing unless you can enforce it. Sometimes, you can turn to laws to enforce your view, to bolster your efforts and asserting it and maybe even imposing it. Other times, they don’t have enough weight or inspire enough fear to back your play. And of course on the other side of that, sometimes the collective “because I say so” is enough to intimidate you into compliance, and sometimes it isn’t. At all depends. Point being, it seems to come down to the idea of “might makes right”.


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