My Way Is Best

(Thoughts on something Failed Save said at the Force Academy a while ago. Written mostly as a freewrite on it; in other words, rough, initial reactionary thoughts that bubbled up.)

Do I take the division betwen light and dark seriously? Honestly, yes. Too seriously? Don’t know. I think there are lesser people with lesser ways, and I think that what light philosophies represent, and what ways of life called “light” tend to result in when put into actual practice, often accomadate, allow for, and even encourage mediocrity, weakness, self-delusion, denial, and so on. I know there’s this idea of “your way, my way, and none is the ‘right’ way”, and you know what, that’s true enough. I’ve been known to point that out myself in discussions.

But from my subjective point of view, from where I stand, if I’m honest with myself, I believe my way is the best of them, otherwise it would not be My way. And I think deep down we all believe this about our own ways. Sure, when we can’t reconcile that conviction with the experiences we have or the results reaped from believing it and living like its true we adjust, adapt, and change our individual ways, but deep down we all believe that our way, whatever it is in the moment… is the right way. Otherwise your way it wouldn’t be your way.

You could say that it isn’t the “right” way just because you feel its so, but even when someone decides that’s the case with their way and decides to change in some respect, whatever it becomes is still his or her way. It was something before it changed, presumably something that was stood by, and when someone decides that maybe it isn’t best they tend to change it…. Basically, what I think it comes down to is that if we’re honest with ourselves, “my way is best” is in there somewhere.

And to say that the discussions at the FA haven’t changed for years is fine I guess, but that’s not to say that people haven’t gotten things out of them that have been applicable to practice, to doing, to living, and therefore that it hasn’t had any bearing to the results… to whether or not the results they look for and achieve are closer to their heart.




  1. If discussions haven’t changed for years, then it certainly speaks to people not getting results out of it. Results speak to change and refinement. If your not changing, refining, and evolving then you more than likely did not get initial results to change from. Unless you have found the perfect system,which is never the case. I’m not arguing for a reinvention of the wheel, but certainly you can make it more efficient. However if your still arguing over the relative concept of what “round ” means, then you’ve not even taken the first steps toward results.

    Of course, there’s a clear difference in mentality when most are arguing moral/ethical, philosophical concepts even though most admit there nonesense for any measuring stick anyway. Such relativistic conversations will never yield results, because it has nothing to do with anything that can be verified past yourself.

    However in actual result based circumstances your way can be proven not the best.

    I’m less concerned about my way, id rather a way that works. Could I argue that in adopting anothers way it becomes mine, or that its best? Sure, but there’s little purpose in that. There’s success and failure, lol, and that trumps any B.S. in between.

    1. “I’m less concerned about my way, id rather a way that works.”
      Yeah, but I bet that whatever your way is right now is what you think works best. Until proven otherwise. Which is kind of how I look at it.

      But what works and what doesn’t doesn’t always matter to people, and people that are ignorant of their bs tend to just go with it, and that’s when bs trumps results. Like when lighties act so accepting of darksiders because even though it’s generally dissonant in the results a dark practitioner tends to reap versus the results a light practitioner wants to have; they say ‘hey, if it works for you then goody’, I say that to I guess, but I’m also perfectly willing to say tp the same people that ‘you doing what works for you doesn’t work for me, I don’t like it, I think it’s bullshit, that the results it gets are shit, and I don’t like it’.

      Or, another angle, with shit like the Light Aspect at the FA, even when their way doesn’t work, it doesn’t seem to stop them from standing by certain self-defeating elements of it while at the same time praising the practicality and value a dark way of life cai have. That’s a neat little micro-illustration of doing it wrong on both fronts, I think. lol But really, it’s usually a waste of my time trying to get other people, like lighties aat the FA, to put that insight to use. They still won’t say a goddamn thing about the ultimately undesirable enviroment (by their alleged standards) generated by living the way someon like me does.

      Of course, maybe it hasn’t been “proven” that the “lighter” teachings are mostly ineffective to the satisfaction of the people that defend them.

      I guess all I’m saying is… I know what’s what, and I don’t mind saying that I don’t think something works, and that it stems – to some extent, whether large or small – from the natural tendency to believe my way is best. Even if I’m wrong abouk knowing what’s what, it’s better to be confident and to make mistakes and failures, and to learn from them, than to be crippled by doubt or “open-mindedness”.

      “Those who believe that they are exclusively in the right are generally those who achieve something.”
      ~Aldous Huxley

      “However if your still arguing over the relative concept of what “round ” means, then you’ve not even taken the first steps toward results.”
      Yeah, but I think more worthwhile refinement would be allowing for that to take place for people that haven’t learned what “round” means and at the same time expanding to match the growth and changes undergone by people that have learned it… rather than tryin to carry the whole institution/tool along with the growth of only it’s most competent/advanced/experieced/successful members. I don’t know, something to experiment with anyways.

      That’s a bit more rambly and messy than I intended, but I’m kind of thinking it out as I write.

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