Litany Against Anti-Gun Fanatics

“Lots of deflection in the gun debate. ‘Guns don’t kill people, people kill people’. Yes. With guns. People kill people with guns.”
~Otep (on Twitter)

You know, I didn’t have anything to say about the recent shooting, so I haven’t said a fucking word. But all the periphereal shit on gun control is something I have a lot to say about, and since I can’t help but run into it half the time I talk with someone and all the time on the internet because of this goddamn shooting, I guess I’ll just get it off my chest. And I’ll use Otep’s tweet as a starting point. People kill people with guns? Guess what: I have a pen for writing that I could stab someone with. I have a shovel for digging outside that I could beat someone with. I have steel-toed boots for work, which, under certain circumstances (that are easier to be involved in than you’d think) I could smash someone’s fucking face in with.

Orchard Hardware and Supplies, among other hardwares stores accessible to just about everyone, sells machette’s, which coincidently you can use to hack people up (probably quite a few to, especially in confined areas). Matches, lighters, and plenty of flammable liquids can be bought just about anywhere, most of which are things I have for cigarettes, barbecueing, lighting the stovetop that won’t spark right, and so on, which, with a couple bottles of lighter fluid, I could probably use to burn someones house down. Do you see where I’m going with this?

“A knife or even a machete takes time & effort. A gun allows you to stand in one spot & murder 20 children simply by moving your finger.”
~Otep (on Twitter)

Let’s look at a few other things then, shall we? Walking takes time and effort. A vehicle allows you to get from point a to point be with far less time and effort. Yet there are people that drive while under the influence, many of which end up killing others because of their use of a piece of metal on wheels. A kitchen knife allows you to prepare who knows how many variations of meals, with countless different ingredients being more easily prepared through use of such a knife. I men, can you imagine using a butter knife to slice tomatoes, apples, and so on. Yet there are people that use that same instrument to kill people. And don’t even get me started on how easy it is to start a fire. But how many people are demanding more regulation and restricted access to motor vehicles, knives, matches, or other potentially dangerous items?

Now let’s go back to guns. A gun allows you to stand in one spot and return fire at one or more gunmen. James Holmes killed 12 people and injured 58 others. How much smaller would those numbers be if one or more of the audience members had been carrying a firearm? He was wearing various pieces of body armor, but you can’t tell me that him being shot at, even if the shots were non-fatal, wouldn’t have made a significant difference in the body count he racked up in that theatre. We’ll never know for sure I guess, but you can be damn sure I’d put my money on the casualties of a shooting like that being much lower if members of the target audience had been armed.

But let’s say you get guns banned, and assume that the number of deaths by firearms decreases. What happens when some asshole starts wondering what second most convenient instrument of death is? What’s next in line to get scapegoated in this ridiculous, poorly thought out campaign against violence and killing. Knives? Baseball bats? I myself have no idea, but you can bet your ass something would take the place of these villified tools in your average ‘do-gooders’ line of sight. Or better yet, what happens when you, being a law-abiding citizen, find yourself unarmed in a crowd that’s being shot into by some lunatic that doesn’t care about what the law is?

How far do you go with the idea of restriction as a solution, where do you draw the fucking line? Would you be more liberal than others, less demanding of the next restriction? Because if so, maybe you’d get a taste of your own medicine. There’s always someone that wants to go farther than you in restricting things like this, and if our second amendment rights were ever removed it wouldn’t be long before you found that out. Not that I’m worried, the arguments for increased gun control and actual abolishment of the second amendment don’t hold up for shit, theoretically or in actual practice. But maybe this is some food for thought for anti-firearm adherents that are at least willing to entertain the opinions of people on other sides of the issue.

(This is simply me showcasing my opinion. You can take it, leave it, love it, rail against itbut youre probably not going to change it. So as a courtesy I would like to forewarn anyone that reads this that I will probably not be responding to comments, because unless you’ve got some astonishing new insight that Ive never before encountered, thought of, or entertained, arguing about this shit will be an utter waste of my time. Exceptions to that may apply based on a) who comments and b) whether I think a response was put so eloquently that Id feel guilty if I didnt at least thank such a commenter for chiming in. But other than that, Im not interested in much argument over this. Im saying what I want to say, and love it or hate it, chances are you dont have a stunning revelation about all of this that would completely blindside me.)




  1. First, let me say the event that prompted this response was truly a tragedy. To kill the weak and helpless is a lack of strength and a manifestation of weakness itself.

    Second, Amen Brother… Many of the reasons you have touched upon is why I have a concealed pistol permit and carry whenever I’m away from home. I will not be sheep at the slaughter.

    1. Thanks for commenting 😀 .
      “First, let me say the event that prompted this response was truly a tragedy. To kill the weak and helpless is a lack of strength and a manifestation of weakness itself.”
      Yeah. This one was pretty horrific.

      “Second, Amen Brother… Many of the reasons you have touched upon is why I have a concealed pistol permit and carry whenever I’m away from home. I will not be sheep at the slaughter.”

      🙂 And, if I’m not mistaken, it’s pretty much a proven fact that when gun laws allow for people to carry in a given area and people are encouraged to own and use firearms responsibly, certain crimes tend to descrease. It’s a lot less safer to assualt or rob someone, or even pull a gun, if it’s known that most of the people around you are also carrying. I don’t think I’ll ever understand the arguments for banning guns… it just doesn’t make sense to me.

      Haha, I was half-expecting someone to go off on me about the danger of guns. Glad it was worth reading.

      1. “To kill the weak and helpless is a lack of strength and a manifestation of weakness”.

        For me the slaughter of unarmed women and children is a lack of sanity, the manifestation of a mind so warped by experience that it validates such pointless waste.

        The ideal would be to get to such mind fucked kids before they go out and waste the innocents. But this isn’t gonna happen as this is a modern cultural phenomena (which includes many variables that no one is prepared to address let alone tackle) and there are just too many fucked up kids out their planning their “death”. So the next solution is reduce/limit guns. This is a logical short term solution because the next time (and their will be a next time) some a walking time bomb decides to detonate itself then it’s kill area would be reduced significantly if not armed with an assortment of firearms. Firearms would have probably saved some of the people in the cinema, but this arguement does not apply to the school. So why where none of the cinema goers armed? Maybe the wrong people are being allowed to be armed and the ones who should are not being armed. Maybe the ones who do not want guns should be the ones who are legally obliged to carry guns?! Arm the anti-gun groups!! Disarm the gun fanatics. I have heard mention that armed guards should be stationed at schools, cinemas etc. another logical arguement but who is to say that one day one of these “protectors” isn’t gonna get out the wrong side of the bed and think “shit I don’t want to live anymore. I also don’t want to go quietly”.

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