Amusing Literary Feats

Michael (aka William Kaede) over at the FA mentioned something about a sarcastic suggestion from one of his friends, saying he should write some shitty paranormal romance story for teenagers.

It reminded me of an episode from Family Guy where Brian gets pissed because his book won’t sell. I don’t remember all of it, and some of what I recall might be inaccurate, but… Basically, he thinks people have no appreciation for good literature and that he could write absolute shit in no time at all and make the bestseller list with it. And as the show went on, he wrote a book like that, Stewie helped put it out there, and it was a big hit.

There was more to it than that, I’m sure, but I think it raises a valid – and amusing – point. Not a surprising one or anything, at least not in my opinion, but I think it’s funny how true it tends to be.

Some people hate things like Twilight or Fifty Shades of Grey (and to be honest, I’m not fond of them either), others eat it right up. But as much shit as you, me, or anyone one else can talk, these people that’ve authored such works have a lot more options on the table about where they’ll go next and what they’ll do. Like Khaos has said, money is a resource, and these people now have plenty of it to use of they please.


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