A Dark Blurb

If you keep an eye on the Facebook page for the Dark Aspect, you might’ve noticed a splurge of posts a few days ago. You might also want to watch the Dark Lecture Hall, a number of lectures have been added to the Soliloquies, Monologues, & Asides section of the lecture hall. Speaking of which, a criticism was recently leveled at that section, questioning the value of its contents. If you have access to the Dark Training forums, have a look for yourself here, and feel free to chime in. If you don’t have access, disregard.


I’ve been experimenting with a new avenue of news & updates for the Dark Aspect, something that may scatter a few more gateways leading to the DA across a little bit more of the internet. The Dark Aspect on WordPress. The background and header were both uploaded by yours truly, providing what I hope is a more elegant – if slightly cliched – appearance. Regardless of its aesthetic appeal though, whether it’s seen as appealing and presentable or not, the visuals are symbolic.

So far, it’s featured excerpts from a few of the lectures in the section of the lecture hall mentioned above (Soliloquies, Monologues, & Asides), and announcements of Knighthood Recognitions (so far including Mwchael and Axael) have been posted. Along with that, there’s information pertaining to the purpose and potential of the Force Academy (specifically, the Dark Aspect and the people associated with it), what is expected of those who join, vague info on the nature of some of the training we can offer, and an overview of the Dark Wiki.

I’ve posted a link to various parts of it for limited amounts of time on the DA Facebook page every once and a while since posting, but I don’t think there needs to be any more sneak peaks. To kick off the New Year, I’ll start putting it to a little more actual use for others to see. Where and when links are shared to new posts on it, they will (usually) no longer be deleted shortly thereafter.


I’ve had the information section of the dark training on my mind lately, so for those it may interest: it might be something I turn my attention to in the near future. No promises though. The recommended way in which training holocrons might be used, possibly an overview of Yami Doko, and the way in which the discussion, debate, and contemplation forum is likely to be used by members of the Dark Council (as well as how it, and us, might be exploited effectively by students).


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