Devouring The Flame

There was a time when I believed and taught that control, absolute and tight gripped control, was the most effective, the most beneficial way of interacting with emotion. That was a popular enough approach in the past, but not so much anymore. I advocate a kind of digestion of the fire we call emotion, it is my belief that it should be embraced. Just like the body, the individuals spirit needs nutrition; one source of which are the flames I speak of. Emotions eat you. With some – like anger – the feeling is more obvious, easier to percieve. Others chew their morsels with far greater subtlety – like joy, seducing you with the pleasure they yield, to the point where each bite goes unnoticed.

A mutual realtionship is what must be acknowledged. Passions, and emotions, they guide you just as you should guide them. Submission to your emotions, or of them to you, is rarely necessary. It is not a matter of domesticating emotions, of trying to halt the feast they have when felt, it is about feeling that you’re being eaten, and eating in turn. Here, we find they are very much aflame in the feeling of being eaten, burnt in the digestive acid of these emotions and passions. I would suggest; when feeling this sensation of being consumed, feel yourself begin to do the same. Reciprocate. It is a simple idea, a bit difficult in practice, but hardly beyond what most people are capable of.

The idea of emotions as living things is a most acute observation, a brilliant insight. But what one does with it is what matters. Commanding fire is simply not efficient, not practical, and is a sad attempt to domesticate our emotions; they should not be tamed, they are not our pets, they are not our tools. They are all living creatures. And it’s just as well to devour them as it is to keep them fed. Just remember that they are meant to be wild, untamed; just as the individual himself should be. At least that is my argument.

(??? \ I have no idea when this was written, but its a slightly touched up entry to my oldest holocron. You can find the whole thing in the Sith Archives forum at the Order of the Sith. I might revisit this one, play with it a little. Or not. Either way, this is what you get in the meantime.)


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