Flawed Teachings Or Weak Individuals?

(Written January 10th, 2012)

Some, from time to time, seem to become convinced that there are flaws in the teachings of the Sith (or other darkies), that in having watched so many crumble over the years they can’t have possibly just all have been failures. I’m not so sure though. I made it this far; they could have to, but they were weaker, less capable, and just couldn’t hack it (apparently) – at least in terms of this path, this Way. Use whatever words you want: that they were different, that their path led elsewhere, etc., basically, they just weren’t cut out for this. The ‘flaws’ that are there… they’re there to be worked through, for those that are able and willing. They serve a purpose.

There is something missing though – that is, if one’s ambition involves perpetuation and eventual strengthening of the Way itself. Some time ago the validity of the Jedi Code was brought into question by Opie, and I myself defended it for the same reasons I would defend continued use of my code, the Code of the Sith. What’s lacking though… is perhaps in the way of experienced guides, Sith Masters, that can competently guide, and accomadate newer members without driving all but the absolute best away.

To a point, the idea of ‘culling the weak’ is fine… but also to a point, the strong are defined by the weak. And as a natural consequence of the shark tank mentality, it is, quite possibly, a hindrance to the advancement and development of the Sith Way. There’s a time for sowing and a time for harvest, as they say. A kind of solution in this case, and at the OotS, seems to depend on the existing Knight and Masters reserving their strength and their brutality for those that deserve it, that can handle it, and ultimately, for those who are worthy. 

When it comes to newcomers, the strength directed towards them, the harshness of a seasoned adepts perceptive stabs, is not only wasted on someone new, but utimately works against the progression of the Aspect and those individuals already within it. There’s something to be said for timing; or, if you would, for ripening before plucking. A needle/scalpel to a ripe fruit is a towering sword to the small buds. You’ve got to encourage them to grow before you can cut away from them or poke them.

And with the Jedi… they are not like me, or us. But they used to be adversaries to the Sith in a very spiritual and worthwhile sense. They used to stand for something, and even now in their heart of hearts, most of them probably harbor a belief in the superiority of their path over mine. Or I should say, I hope they do. Otherwise, what business do they really have to call themselves Jedi?

Their problem, and ours as Sith, doesn’t appear to be based in the teachings though, but in the failure by members in the present to accomadate the weakness of initiates and to milk the members that have an expiration date before they leave. And beyond that, in the failure to be shrewd in who, how, and why they gift a given individual with the more volatile forms of conflict they’re versed in.

The Jedi would do well never to admit the parallel, just like they would be best off if they abide by Opie’s definition of darkness as it is within the Jedi paradigm, instead of trying to adopt mine or that of some other Dark pathwalker, instead of trying to be so accepting of Paths they really ought to detest and undermine every chance they get. The flaw though doesn’t seem to lie in the teachings, but in the individuals that were to weak, and in the strong that were to stupid or imperceptive to allow for weakness to have a place and flourish.

(A Fragment | Rough thoughts | Written January 10th, 2012)


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