Words On Success

“The twin killers of success are impatience & greed.”
~Jim Rohn

The above quote is, for all intent and purposes, a crock of shit. Here are some consistent ‘killers’ of success’: inaction, laziness, disinterest, overthinking, incompetene, stupidity, and doubts. I’m sure there’s more, but I think what little I’ve rattled off should be sufficient to make a point; that is, if you stand still, whether because you think you’re being clever, or it some sort of doubt or fear based paralysis, you will not go anywhere, except maybe backwards, if someone happens to notice you and shoves you back, or if you’re so still you get knocked back or to the side because you just don’t register in the field of Vision others might possess.

Impatience and greed can lead to mistakes, sure, but they don’t kill your chances of success. Trials and errors ladies and gents, and if they come from impatience or greed, then so be it. At least that way you’ll have a fucking learning experience. There’s definately pitfalls that go with impatience and greed, and I don’t know if I’d lean on those as a rule of thumb for getting what I want when I go after it, but neither are killers of success. If anything, they might turn out to be the first clumsy ass steps towards succeeding…

(Written 12-?-12)


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