Darksiders… Caretakers Of The Light?

I wonder how darksiders seem to have become the caretakers of the light? I suppose it’s just a natural extension of what darkness is, how it’s so much more pervading that it encompasses the light (at least, that’s the side of the yin/yang symbol I’m on). David stated outright a problem I flirted with in the flowers of evil pieces, that the light aren’t enough of a challenge. Why haven’t I challenged them more myself? I kind of answered in one of the TFoE threads. They probably can’t handle it, and might well be better off with keen, passive aggressive hints from time to time, and silence at other times. And, more importantly, their value to me is in large part their usefulness as a part of the dynamics at the FA concerning that…

If you’ve kicked a horse almost to death and its right on the edge of dying, but the horse is useful to you in the long term if kept alive, is it the smartest thing to kick it again and push it over? It’s not an entirely accurate comparison, I’ll grant, because the light aspect (and, more specifically, Jedi) probably couldn’t be snuffed out completely, it’s a set of ideals in many respects and… generally speaking, you can’t kill those. But that’s long term. I’m thinking about our time, right now. Tomorrow even. Not twenty or fifty years down the road.

But when the idea of a Dark aspect that dominates is entertained… what does dominance mean when the other aspects aren’t very hard to dominate? We’ve been dominant at the FA for years. It matters that we be a step up from the Light Aspect, generally speaking, but only if their not crippled, rolling back and forth on the ground, and mumbling nonsense like some poor retarded child. (That comparison is probably much better than the one with the horse.) What’s going to be effective in enabling their rise? They’re not a challenge, they’re… perhaps a waste of time to challenge, at least in the obvious, more conventional ways. For the time being. Like Charles took note of, there are a few light students responding to such challanges, but mainly only one Light Master.

(Originally written September 1st, 2012The sentiments expressed here are somewhat outdated, and members of the Dark Council that happen upon this can either look at it as something that led up to the view Ive recently expressed a bit more succintly, as it was taking shape, or simply disregard it. To others, I guess you can consider this a bit of insight into the way I look at the Light practitioners as they relate to us, and as we relate to them; keeping in mind of course that I wrote this, among other fragments of writing I havent shared, in the process of articulating my outlook for myself.)



One comment

  1. Lol, don’t forget the Shadow Aspect.

    There are some Shadows who are a match for the Dark Aspect.

    Although I do have to admit that the Dark Aspect (bitching) certainly is more entertaining.

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