Destroy To Create

There are times in which something you create or are a part of becomes stagnant, lethargic, like an old dog with cloudy, blind eyes and shitty hearing. Whether a body of writings or a deaf, blind dog, the answer is simple. The best you can do for the dog? Ease its suffering ’till it dies on its own, or put it out of its misery yourself. The answer is death. But when it comes to something you’ve created or helped bring to fruition, that is only the first part of the answer. Using a project of my own as an example… Inspired by Adam Yaw’s Great Jedi Holocron, I set out to create the Dark Holocron. I built an archive of works that had influenced me, organizing, structuring, shifting the puzzle pieces until the whole picture reflected what I wanted it to, what I had envisioned for it. Once it was more or less put together though, the framework in place, it sat untouched.

Now granted, I didn’t actually destroy it or delete the project or its contents. But their came a point when I decided, definitively, that I was done with it, that my passion for it was a snuffed out flame, and that it was time to move on to something else. But because I didn’t actively destroy it to create something new… perhaps another example can better illustrate the idea I’m trying to get across. The Order of the Sith was deleted or lost, essentially destroyed, a number of times over the years. Causes ranging from free – and inadequate – web hosting to deliberate sabatoge by one of the higher up members, the Order was demolished repeatedly. But every time it went down, it rose back up from the ashes and grew into smething better than the previous incarnation. Each time, it was an oppurtunity to rebuild, to improve, to evolve.

“I long ago ceased to believe that ‘If you build it, they will come’. Now I believe, ‘If you want it, build it. If they don’t come, who gives a shit. And if it doesn’t work out the first time, destroy it and build it again’.”
~Richard Irvine

Ironically, at first glance is would probably appear that I have yet to deliberately destroy something like the Order of the Sith, or the Dark Aspect of the Force Academy. Those are each very visible and very dear to me. But just because it’s not easily discernable doesn’t mean it hasn’t been done in one fashion or another, and I’ve applied it to many other things in ways that are easier to see. In relationships, in writing, in personal pursuits and achievements. The principle and its effectiveness is something I’m all to aware of, it’s works: destroy to create. In any given context, I believe all that’s needed to go ahead and apply it is a good enough reason.

(Sidenote For Members Of The FA: This is a small facet to what’s been going on, but it wouldn’t be anywhere near the mark to assume this is or was at the forefront of my mind; the focus of what I’m talking about here is the idea of destroying to create, not the examples I point to. That’s what this post is about, not any of the fingers that might be seen, but the moon they’re pointing to. This isn’t a commentary on or allusion to the politics or anything though, if I feel like doing that at any point, I’m sure you’ll be able to tell. Also, all of the above may be reworked and repurposed.)

(Originally written November 1st, 2012)


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