Getting My Bearings….

Mother. Fuck. Okay…. the following is all going to be readable pretty much as it was written. I haven’t written much here since I posted A Monster, and I don’t even know where to start to cut loose and just write, so let the chips fall where they may…

There’s been a ton of game-playing and political b.s. going on at the FA since my last post here, so things aren’t progressing to badly over there. I’ve been working on a few pieces for the main lecture hall, so for anyone paying attention to Maleficus Amor, congrats on the inside info: yes, there’s actually material written (has been for a while), as well as more being written, and no, it’s not all brilliant (feel free to wonder why though, until I decide to post a refined version of a previously posted piece of writing that relates to the value of flawed, transitory, and/or phase specific lectures). As far as all the politics and splintering goes… I’m more or less done in participating to much with that, it still serves a purpose as things stand, but it doesn’t serve for me to be indulgng in the distraction continuously. As I undertsand it, pretty much the rest of the council feels the same.

As for The Void (I love that people are calling it that), I suppose for now you’ll just have to wonder if it’s still being implimented. The aim of the ‘leadership’ role is to do whatever necessary to progress upwards (ambiguously speaking, of course), but I’ve also said I will personally promise nothing. What’s true and what’s not, what’s clear and what’s misleading… is up in the air. *wink* And I bet that’s irritating for some (and to them: your welcome).

On a totally different topic, I’ve been looking at motorcycles for the last few months and saved a little cash. Today was pleasantly stress-filled, negotiating with an employee of a neighbor, letting the neighbor push things along, and so on. I was going to wait quite a while longer, until I had most of the money saved up, but the neighbors (pseudo-married couple) have been nudging the guy with the bike for sale to get in touch with me and have been trying to bait me into making him an offer. The guy next door finally just showed up with the owner of the bike the other night, so things were kind of set in motion. And I gotta say, I’m feeling good about all of this, because with the current situation I’ve figured out my max. And have no need to wait.

It works out fine for me even if this falls through though, because I now have a thorough undertsanding of the loan, the amount saved, and all costs involved, and if the guy doesn’t want to sell for the price I’m topped out at, I’ll just go looking for a slightly older model that costs less and is pretty much on par with the 2012 model he wants to get rid of. // Edit: Fell through, but am already looking at a way better deal.

I don’t even know if I want to touch my crazy ass Holiday (M.L.K. Day). Reconnected with a lot of old friends, got outrageously intoxicated, met a few new people, and reminisced on all the crazy shit we’d done (while doing more, though whether I was a bad influence or they still party that hard on a regular basis, I can’t yet say). I may be naturally inclined towards introversion, but I’ll tell you one thing: it’s hard to put into words how valuable, how useful, hard-forged connections, bonds, and expansionary face-to-face networking can be. Even doing crazy, drunken shit is a means of strengthening (or even creating) bonds with people, and given how adept I am at the game of connection, trust and believe I’ve got plenty of social resources to invest in and benefit from haha. And you know what? There’s no good fucking reason, as far as I’m concerned, why a person can’t embrace the following extremes: work hard (and smart), play hard (and fast).

Anyways, awesome last few days, concerning all of the above.

(Written January 24th)



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