Feeling Darkness

Ask yourself: what is darkness?

Close your eyes.
You are engulfed in darkness,
surrounded by it,

You will be here forever,
You cannot see.
You know nothing about what’s around you.

Just black, pitch black.

Do this for as long as needed, until what you feel is tangible. Words and Thoughts may come up immediately following what you feel, but set those aside and simply experience the sensation of what you feel. Look to those feelings on the question of Darkness. Whether you feel scared, exhilirated, small, angry, calm, whatever, ask yourself why you feel this way.

In the Darkness, don’t think, just feel. When thoughts come up, don’t try to stop or suppress them, but let them pass by. We give meaning to the words we use, but we’re not trying to give a meaning to darkness. The meaning is already there, it’s a matter of finding it, and your feelings will hint, they’ll guide you to it. If you let them.

After, and only after you experience the feelings, try to put them into words. Understand them, why they’re there.

If you’re willing, answer the question, describe the experience here.



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