Solopsism (Richard’s Critique)

On Richard’s Critique

Here’s one way to look at it…

Richard says: Darkness is about the Individual.
Darkie-Wannabe: Everything it about me. Me, me, me.
Khaos says: Respect the Individual, not just yourself.
Richard says: Bah, this is self-centeredness perpetuates the teribble lie that any of us matter.
Draconis says: There is a difference between being Self-Centered and Self-Absorbed. One is effective, the other is self-deceit and self-sabotage.
Khaos says: Respect The Individual, not just yourself.
I say: Yep.

I hardly need to entertain the notion of not mattering, it’s old ground to me; the primary value of Richard’s critique is probably to those that haven’t considered this, so as Khaos said earlier on in the discussion that followed, if you have something different, put it up. Individuals will decide what training they want or need. Diversity provides for people to find their own way, often through violently conflicting, polarized teachings.



  1. @Darth Draconis -I was curious if you were interested in entertaining responses here? There was no link like there was in your “Darkness” Post, and I did not want to clutter your page if it was not something you were open to.


  2. @Darth Draconis – There is a certain level of enjoyment I feel when I read portions of posts like this. They make me think; make me step out of the rut I so often find myself treading. They allow me the time to peer into my own darkness to attribute some meaning to what for most people is meaningless… and I am a very dark individual. Pieces like this are like kernels of wheat in the chaff of inane chatter and pointless arguments I have combed through in other threads in other places… and to be honest, the task is often exhausting.

    The beauty of philosophy I think is finding a master or teacher with viewpoints that resonate with you as an individual. Too much time is spent in tearing apart the lessons of others and self-aggrandizing one’s own when true value would be better realized in comparing, analyzing, and modifying one’s own philosophy in relation to other viewpoints to promote greater self-development, and then passing that knowledge on to others. Growth is about change. Debate is good, but it gets to a point where it becomes counterproductive when the dead horse continues to be whipped over and over. Darkness means different things to different individuals, and darkness therefore is about the individual. Darkness is like light going through a prism. It is broken down into different wavelengths… and different colors and intensities appeal to different people. When we explore those feelings and thoughts concerning why those wavelengths appeal to us we experience self-growth. A “cookie cutter” or “one base philosophy” approach to darkness will fail in the end. A varied pool of Adepts with different paths and practices casting different metals into the crucible, using different temperatures and different catalysts, will result in astonishing alloys when the dross is chipped away.

    My opinions, my likes, my dislikes may not matter to the universe at large, but to me they do matter. I could care less if they matter to anyone else… or the universe. Support or denial of Solipsism is like the argument of whether Gods exist… pointless. I don’t think I have seen anything said by any one person that would rise to the point of deserving that label anyway. I believe that concentration on the self is centric to dark side philosophy because it promotes power struggle, conflict, and results in growth. There can be respect without agreement though. Some fail to see that…and fewer seem to be capable of exercising it.

    On a side note too, I think WilliamKaide hit the nail on the head with his comment.

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