A Fragment (Treachery)

(Written May 22nd, 2012)

In Treachery Is Everywhere, I said that treachery is empowering. It seems like that to me in the same way that nihilism can be empowering. At least, potentially.

In the grand scheme of things, let’s say nothing matters. So… what is a person to do about that? Decide what matters, that’s what. Or so I would hope, especially with the kind of people I have in mind.

It’s the same thing with treachery: that’s right, you can’t trust people, ideas, religions, or any of that, you can’t entirely trust the stability of your words, beliefs, relaionships, or anything else. So deal with it fucker.

Do whatever it is that you do, do it well, and know that everything is treacherous, anything can betray you, whether by accident or on purpose. And don’t just accept the treachery, embrace it, thrive on it.

(Written May 22nd, 2012)


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