The Dark Side Is Poison

The Dark Side is Poison, a poison that touches you no matter how little you know about it, or how much you might want to believe otherwise. Being an eating, thinking, shitting, breathing, feeling, living creature guarantees that. As a relatively self-aware Individual, you’re already an embodiement of it in some sense, alive, carnal, able to think and feel, a single being distinct from the rest of all other matter or energy in existence. The ‘ethereal’ aspect of the dark can in some ways be looked at as the opposite of it’s material facet. Destructive, corrosive… it could essentially be considered a destructive, entropic force.

A Dark Side Devotee, a true one, is a singularity pulsating with tension, inner dissonance, friction. It’s the tension between mortal, flesh and bones body and the destructive flow of energy, passion, that it needs to truly live a life worth living. For one cannot truly live to the fullest unless it is a matter of survival. Anything that takes away from that is of the Light, and I condemn it.

“The act of dying is one of the acts of life.”
~ Marcus Aurelius

Life and death are both in the domain of what we call the Dark Side. All that is light is the perverse will to achieve stasis, to freeze the motion of life – and of death, for they are one and the same. Like the dark side is to light bearers, the light is beyond my experience. It’s about achieving a balance between the dichotomous nature of life itself and the darkness required to fuel and feed off of it, freezing it, reaching a peace, a reconciliation, an equilibrium. Stasis.

It’s a bit like the nicotine running through me right now, weakening me, poisoning me, but forcing me to find greater strength. Perfection must not be the goal. Shunning cigarettes doesn’t have to be, if I prefer to smoke. When one extreme gains the upper hand you go down, decay, suffer, become damaged, acquire scars. Balance is not what’s needed though. What is needed is for the other extreme to regain it’s dominance within your soul, within your life. It has to grow stronger to overcome the other, and so it goes back and forth.

It is a paradox of the Dark Side, the key to living a life of upward spirals with survival, with risk, with danger. And with thriving, acheivements, and satisfaction. It will leave your body a used up husk when you die, if you live long enough. And it will be worth it.

The Dark Side is a poison that puts you at risk and can become the poison I’ve often associated with peace and with the servants of light. Is, in fact, one and the same. The dark side is a poison in mind body and spirit, and to those that take it willingly and are (or forges themselves into something) worthy of the power, and willing to pay whatever price it demands of them, to live with whatever stains on the soul and damages wrought… for them, it’s a great medicine, and the high price of embracing it is well worth paying.

I’ve refered to peace as a poison in the past, or a symptom of one; a deadly poison that leads to premature spiritual death, and not in a good way. Apologies for that. I believe I was mistaken, in part… the Dark Side is the poison, and peace is only a symptom when it’s dealt with poorly. It signifies that a given person, community, or situation permeated with it has succumbed to the dark. Those that have begun to look to peace as their goal, their hope, are beginning to deteriorate. Those that have peace and want more… are sick, and secretly wish to die.

“The Force weakens you if you let it govern you and your life. The Force strengthens you if you let it serve you and your life. You decide.”

Ultimately, the Dark Side is a poison.
Peace occurs when it is succumbed to.
Evolution occurs when it is embraced.


(Old Draft, dating at least as far back as June 2nd of 2012.)



  1. Ahhh dissonance.

    Dissonance is a goal killer, a decision doubter, a life waster.

    Dissonance is disorganisation. You want to live life to the fullest?… then reach for your dreams and pluck them like fruits from a tree.

    Only the feeble and foolish elevate dissonance. Dissonance is an excuse for the lazy; the unsuccessful under achievers. I do not need dissonance to get me out of bed every morning at 5am to train and prep my food. I do not need dissonance to get me through a gruelling day at work. Dissonance is a crutch used by the faint hearted.

    Dissonance is mutton dressed as lamb, tripe painted as wisdom.

    1. Or… dissonance, and successfuly dealing with it, requires decisive action, defned goals, resolve, and continued pursuit of what you want amidst the chaos, including even the chaos of your own competing desires. That’s how I tend to look at it. In any case though, I think it’s food for thought; it may be dissonant when put up against someone elses view (like yours), but that simply means whoever reads this has to decide for themselves what they want to take from it. 🙂

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