Light & Dark

The servants of light and the lovers of dark seem all the more like Yin and Yang. I have this nagging suspicion both life and death, creation and destruction, are both forces within the domain of darkness, yet the comparison between these two contrary things with more well known (and revilled) polarities arises for me to deal with.

If you know what the symbol of Yin and Yang looks like, you’ll know that each half has a small amount of the other inside of it. Perhaps because it is such a small amount a darksider would never understand the light in the same way a lightsider can, and so it seems abhorent, lesser, lacking, or void in some way. And maybe that is why a lightsider will also know dark, but only in such a small, derogatory way as they always have.

(Written June 7th, 2012 | Rough thoughts | Notes | Fragments)

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