A Fresh Start… Or Something…

So… I seem to have started using this blog as a storehouse for partially completed (or, in some cases, ‘finished’) lectures and other such writings, like posts from discussions at the Force Academy for example. I probably won’t stop doing that, but if you keep up with this blog – and if I keep up with it at all – you’ll probably be seeing some more free-writes. In my “time of absence” I started a new blog under another name. Some of the things I explored there and the tweaks I made to things I was already familiar with in previous experiences might start to show up here in subtle ways, especially if I want to use this as an outlet or means of expression (or whatever the fuck you’d like to call it)… as a playground.

I’m really not sure what that means for the other blog(s) I started while I took my little vacation from the force realism communities, but I’d really kind of like to keep using it to. That might take away from what I do here of course, but it that turns out to be the case, then so be it. I got a taste of the wider audience I can reach and the liberation of not saying words like “Sith” or “the force” haha, and I liked it in a few different ways. So if Maleficus Amor gets neglected because I want to enjoy myself, then so be it.

I think it’s kind of fitting though that I give this medium a little attention, it kind of goes hand in hand with going solo, not being the HoA at the Force Academy, and it just sort of feels right. It just needed a sense of revival, a fresh start of sorts, which I already started playing around with in changing my avatar and bio. My old bio for the gravatar profile read…

“I am Sith. Online communities have been handy for discussing and better articulating many ideals, though I have to say I have allowed it to limit my growth at times. Eventually though, fine tuning ideals gave way to living my life and, when discussing online, writing from a more experiential, down to earth orientation.(fyi, sith realism, not roleplaying.)

I set up the Order of the Sith site in ’06, and acted as the only administrator up until ’09. During the time I stepped away and was more active at the FA, it was run and further developed by Miles and Khaos. I am (again) currently one of two adminstrators of the forum.”

Now it reads…

“I am Sith. I’m known pretty much everywhere online as (Darth) Draconis; I founded OotS in October of 2006, I studied at the FA for a time, was knighted (sometime in ’09 if memory serves) and have served as head of the dark aspect there until last month, when during an unannounced leave of absence I was removed from my position. I am a devotee of darkness, one could say, and a Sith (Realist) practitioner.”

Much shorter. I might tweak it a little more too (I’ve already noticed a few things to screw around with in it), but yeah, I like it better now. I pulled it from the intro I posted at Mortose’s new site, The Dark Asylum.

Speaking of which, I wouldn’t bother popping in unless you’re older than around 16-18 personally, and you might not have an interest in it unless you’ve got an appreciation for some of the more blatantly dark(evil?) parts of the human mind and soul, as I imagine that will come into play more if the site grows into anything. Of course, you’d have to ask Mortose what she has in mind for sure though, as even in my case the only things I’m sure of are that it’s a ‘meeting place for monstrous souls’, the tagline reads ‘monstrum in anima’ (which I’ll claim credit for \m/ >< \m/ ), and Mortose would like to rebuild the training program she was spearheading at the FA before she was banned: NSoD (Nine States of Dissonance (?)).


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