Works In Progress

I’ve recieved a copy of most of my lectures from Kiss, so yipee for that. I really wish I’d put the latest versions of them in the wiki or something before doing my disappearing act though. They all still needed worked over a bit more, but the versions posted in the lecture hall under the Dark Council account wlre the very latest and I’m still holding out hope that I’ll be able to work on them from with the latest version as my starting point, at least for a couple of them. Barring that though, the drafts that were sent to me are the next best thing, so that’s a plus.

The Institution was pretty generic, and did little beyond state what should be obvious, but for lack of any material at all and given the atmosphere of the time, I think the message of it was necessary. It’s just not all that relevant now that the people that were bitching at me are actually doing something themselves (which is not to say I hold hard feelings; quite the contrary actually, I’m glad Richard, Khaos, and a few others are actively engaged in putting something into the DA again). And the Joining & Training snippet was never meant to be anything but a temporary placeholder, which, given the recent surge of production from others, is a quality that’s already rendered it obsolete and useless.

I think the rest of the leltures might be fun to play with and, in any case, will be nice to have for reference and historical value (Dark Teachings: Inherently Flawed preceded certain pieces that were posted – and ones that were never posted, even in the dark council draft section – with good reason. The Dark Side is a Poison, for instance, is not only rough around the edges, but intentionally flawed. It’s a nice piece, in large part, for that it might’ve been used to revise, rework, and branch off of into a gorgeous concoction of a few different contradictory ideas and concepts. I still rather like it, even as it is.


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