A Dark Blurb (?)

David’s back on the DA council and Michael (aka William Kaede) has taken the IC Chair position. I think Pelar’s my favorite so far though, he’s got just the right amount of initiative and reservedness for it. Not sure Spark really understood its function. Not that the IC is overly active, but that may well change and, if it were to, it would be nice to have that Chairperson in the swing of things with us, keeping up. It’s not a priority right now though.

It’ll be nice when William’s done with it though… I only have so many people to work with, and that position excluder the person holding it from other positions (e.g. David was temporarily removed from the Dark Council for the duration of his term). Not that I have any objections, the timing isn’t quite right anyways, but I think there are other roles he’d be more valuable in and more engaged with. *shrugs* Wait and see I suppose.

When and if the IC becomes a priority for me, we really need to make the Inner Council members moderators of the IC forum. Protocols, precedents, decisions, etc. are all a disorganized mess, and a lot of the stickied threads need unstickied or rewritten. We need to be able to control that, in my opinion.

I’m curious as to the impression dark members have of the currently available training. I remain the only one to go all the way with it… despite the short period of time it would take to pass through it. It’s not something that irritates me like it might have, once upon a time – although the use of the training holocron forum rather than the journal forum, despite very little use of the training program (what the holocrons are kind of for), is a bit puzzling.

There will eventually be more than one training program to choose from, or such is my aim, but that’ll be a while. There have been members with programs that were more or less complete and/or works in progress, but I’ve heard fuck-all from any of them about it lately. All well and fine, but that means it’s going to take a little more time. Like I said above, one thing at a time and that’s not necessarily at the top of the to-do list at this time.

(Written ??? sometime in 2012.)


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