A Fractured Looking Glass

(A Looking Glass Of Empathy)

Through your eyes I can see,
With my wretched empathy.
It’s a gift I got for free,
A looking glass of misery.

Did you know that once before,
I shattered it with violent ferocity,
For confusing loyalties ’till loyalty became a whore?

But without was only apathy,
And a world I could not hate or adore.
It could no longer hurt me,
But the isolation… I grew to deplore.

So the looking glass of misery,
The thing I shattered and I tore,
That tortured with keen sympathy,
I made whole and exploited once more.

So I can see you all again, vividly,
Through my fractured looking glass
Of love and pain, of happiness and misery.

(Originally Written March 14th, 2012 // Abandoned (for now anyways) // Played with every few months between then and December 25th, 2012)


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