Adversaries & Pussies

Bullying is such a popular thing to talk about these days. Khaos touched on this once or twice, most notably in The Adversary, A Fool For Passion the show that foreshadowed his resignation as Head of the Dark Aspect. Alethea, a Light Master of the Force Academy that’s pretty well known throughout most ‘force realist’ circles, has started and participated in a number of discussions at the Order of Ashla Knights and the FA if memory serves, and on her own show (Force Realists Radio) she recently did an episode on the subject.

I rarely say anything about it, but to be perfectly honest this issue is a pretty big deal to me, as big as anything I could rail against endlessly. Be aware though, the references littering this post notwithstanding, that this right here is my amphitheater, and I wouldn’t presume to speak for anyone but myself, so if you don’t like what comes next remind yourself that I’m the only one talking (or writing) here. If you want their opinions, listen to their shows – or hell, ask ’em about it. Anyways…

If you listen to the Dissonance show, Khaos’s perspective is similar to mine, just maybe not as… violently conveyed. To drive home some of what he had to say in it, he’d noted that people don’t face their bullies anymore, instead they avoid them, many even going as far as to kill themselves. That’s just an observation I remember him making and you can listen to the show if you want to know the context – or the rest of – what he has to say (edit on 12/30/13: most of the dissonance shows weren’t available for a while, but the one linked to in the first paragraph still is); but as far as what I have to say…

If you don’t like bullies and you’re one of those people on the ‘anti-bully’ bandwagon, chances are you were bullied or else have seen others get bullied and felt sorry for them. To the former, I have this to say: learn to cope you fucking pussies. Survive; fight back, or endure. If you give up on yourself you deserve the consequences. If you end your life, there’s no one but yourself to blame. To the latter, I say this: your cheating the people you seek to ‘protect’. Let people fight their own fights, stop trying to deprive them of the trials, struggles, hardships, and adversaries they deserve, stop trying to protect them from experiences that will strengthen them. Stop encouraging them to be weak.

(Written June 2nd, 2012 // Unreleased and, until today, thought to be Unfinished (I changed my mind on the latter and remedied the former))


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