Good writing, the really good shit, is inspired.

Combining the inclination to put pen to paper (or, to put fingers to the keyboard) with a powerful revelation, realization, or insight produced some of the most alluring poems, essays, and lectures I’ve ever read. Ambience, tone, format, style, etc. come naturally with most inspired pieces, and in any case can be reworked after a realization has been harvested. The focus, when a piece of writing is augmented with the force of revelation, shifts to communicating the fruits of one’s struggles and experiences, elevating the importance of what one has to say well above other aspects of the artform. Rythm, tone, persuasion… it all comes naturally, led by ones insight.

I’ve found that lately I prefer to write out streams of thought with no care to clarity, neatness, or presentation. Revelations, enthusiasm, things I need to write out for some unknown reason, because I feel like I need to. Sometimes it comes out clearly and needs very little editing, and other times my reason and sense of orderliness shape it after the raw material has been transcribed, after it’s there to be worked with and shaped from a lump of thought(s) and feelings into a scultpure someone might want to look at for themselves.

(Written June 22nd, 2012 // Abandoned, Incomplete, & Outdated)


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