Brace Yourself

I’ve got to do something with all these goddamned drafts that have built up and sat unpublished and – in most cases – unfinished. They’re going to drive me crazy if they just keep sitting there. Of course, my problem is I’m loathe to delete them, but I think I’m either going to do that, copy them to something else and clear them out, or post them all en masse, unfinished, and forget about them afterwards; bottom line, I want them out of their little wordpress “draft” holding pen. They’re bugging the shit out of me every time I bring up the dashboard for Maleficus Amor so much… the degree to which such an insignificant thing is grating my nerves is kind of unreal. I can’t stand it. (41213)

Alright, brace yourself. I’m clearing at least a good chunk of this shit out so it won’t bother me. Some of it is quite aptly described as shit, some of it will be worth puttin out there, and most of it will be some mixture of both. Bottom line though, I’m tired of them sitting where they are, in my drafts section, so if you keep up with my mind splatterings here, you’re about to get hit with a bunch of stuff from there, most of it old. Either throughout the day today, or over the next week, or over the next few weeks, depending on how I feel like spacing them out. Then, I’ll probably post something new. (41313)

Edit (41613): All drafts have been cleared out as of today, the 16th. All of the old drafts have either been deleted or posted, leaving me with a nice clean slate behind the scenes, a slate that’ll likely be reflected – for as long as it lasts – outwardly. Enjoy; I know I do.


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