It’s A Poison

I’ve refered to peace as a poison, or a symptom of one; a deadly poison that leads to premature spiritual death, and not in a good way. Apologies for that. I believe I was mistaken… the Dark Side is the poison; peace is merely an indicator. It signifies that a given person, community, or situation permeated with it has succumbed to the dark. Those that have begun to look to peace as their goal, their hope, are beginning to deteriorate. Those that have peace and want more… are sick, and secretly wish to die.

Whatever or wherever the poison is in that though, the Dark Side itself is another kind. The Dark Side is a poison that puts you at risk and can become, or in fact is one and the same, the poison associated with peace and with the servants of light. The dark side is a poison in mind body and spirit, and to those that take it willingly and are (or forges themselves into something) worthy of the power, and willing to pay whatever price it demands of them, to live with whatever stains on the soul and damages wrought… for them, it’s a poison worth taking/great medicine.

(Originally Written (sometime before) March 31st, 2012 // Tinkered with once or twice between then and October of ’12)

(Extremely Early Version/Attempt/Efforts of and toward this (click here to read))


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