My Name Is…

Thanks to Stef (author of one of the blogs I read from time to time: Dodging Commas) I found a questionare kind of ‘poem’ where it lays out a format for a type of “name poem”. Seemed like a fun bit of word play, so…

It means likeable, violent, and subversive.
It is the number 7.
It is like a dulled down, wellused leather hide.
It is the completion of a brilliant work, and the resultant blank slate for something new, something fresh.
It is the memory of my father.
Who taught me arrogance and secrecy.
When he made me his confidant, and showed no shame in breaking laws, rules, and social norms as he saw fit.
My name is Draconis.
It means that I hide my arrogance well, that I charm and persuade, and that I am better than you.

(Above might need to be played with a bit more.)

If your interested in the format, you can check out Stef’s post, it’s a hell of a lot easier to find it there than on the site she originally found it on – which, by the way, she links to if you want to look at some of the other kinds of poetry listed on it. I don’t know whether I really like these sorts of poems… I like rhyming, but open-ended formats with some structure are a nice change sometimes, if only for something different than the usual.

I’d thought about putting my grandfather in there, but my Dad felt more right for it in this case. He taught me every cuss word he knew when I was five or six, and where/when they would get me in deep shit, smoked pot around me and trusted I wasn’t stupid enough to blab about it to anyone, and to this day almost never backs down from doing what he wants to without shame or apology, no matter how stupid or impractical it might seem.

For all our differences over the last decade or so, I have a lot of respect for him and the way he lives his life, and a lot of what I learned and who I became was shaped, in both large and in small ways, by the way he treated me and taught me when I was little.

Haha, all in all, throwing this ‘poem’ together was a fun way to spend a few minutes. You can consider this another case of Idle Word Play.

(Written November 28th, 2012)


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