A Dream & Its Aging Dreamers

You know, there’s something I really don’t get. Most people that are interested in Sith Realism show up at the Order and/or the Force Academy. That’s all well and good, especially with the latter… but when was the last time someone saw the sites currently around, said, “hey, I like this about it, and this, but not that,” then set out to create something themselves? I mean why the fuck not? That’s what I did. Are there going to be any when I die?

Is the Order really that great? I mean sure, it’s one of the few Sith sites still around, it’s had a longer and more successful run than most so far, but goddamn… I just can’t get over the fact that no one seems even remotely inclined to go out and start their own thing. Maybe people just prefer making themselves a fixture of a sure thing instead of trying their own hand and risking failure. If nothing else though, you’d think someone would turn up looking for a bit of notorioty and seek it through this kind of attempt.

But no, there’s almost no one over the last few years that has even bothered to try, and fewer still to see such a thing all the way through. And even those that have don’t seem to try more than once when their first attempt declines and dies out. If a hundred years from now there are no Sith, it’ll be because no one deserved to delude themselves into thinking they had become one. I’ll be damned if I let that happen, but then… maybe I’ll be damned. There’s only so much influence any individual can wield over other people. Maybe there’s just not enough like us to sustain this as its own thing (let alone expand it).

*shrugs* Who cares though, if it happens when I’m dead, I’ll be dead and will therefore probably not care much.

People wonder why communties like Home of the True Sith, The Sithist Cabal, and other message boards die out. They see what they believe to be indicators and begin to worry about virtual places like the Force Academy, which has been around for over a decade, or the Order of the Sith, which has survived for nearly six years… I can tell you a big contributor, something that’s often a cause of death, if you will: the members begin to age, to collect dust (i.e. a sense of “been there, done that” or “yep, same old song and dance, I’ve heard this before”).

Then they try to carry the whole intent/direction of the site with them, cutting out any hopes of a niche for younger, less experienced members. Correcting them when they’re “wrong”, telling them how to act, trying to make them “grow up” to their level. When they’re successful, whether through polite means or through being assholes, the site begins to lose its appeal to the kind of people that were once its bread and butter.

In a way, it’s an understandable progression. A lot of us are essentially creators, preservers, and destroyers in our own right at this point, people that are attributed the title of Lord of the Sith with virtually no dispute, who’ve been at this a (relatively) long while, and that want contemporaries (to walk among no one is lonely at times, individuals like us seem to crave companionship for some reason). So yes… understandable. But don’t forget where you came from.

(Written April 27th (upper) and May 2nd (lower), 2012


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