The Greater Perspective

Riddle Nox has, for the last couple weeks, been putting new material onto a blog called Project Jedi. The most recent spat of posts were interviews of Jedi throughout the communities, from names I know (Hannigan, Jackie Meyer, Sara Evans, Gabriels{of Chicago Jedi}, Jordan Bates, Kitsu Tails, Sammy Jay, and Charles {Lightning Strike}) to ones I’ve never come across before (Nick Bush, Stela, Paladin Carl, Ricky Gofourth, Jerry James Chubb, Matthew Wight, Karen, and Zeni Oba). The latest post is part one of Riddle Nox himself going through the interview questions and giving his own answers. And part of it was curious to me.

“They sought to bring order to the Force by helping the people of the galaxy act in Accordance with the Universe and Greater Perspective.”
~ Riddle Nox

Before this, he touches on seeing as the Universe sees in order to contribute to the Greater Perspective. The thing is, the Jedi sought to help people act in accordance with what they believed was in accordance with the Universe and the Greater Perspective. But let’s say they were wrong in what they believed that perspective to be though. What then? The fictional Jedi believed that they were Seeing the universe clearly as it was, they had an immense faith in their wisdom and understanding of the Universe, but on who’s authority could it be said that they were right? The Sith apparently disagreed.

(Written July 11th, 2012 // Unfinished & Abandoned)


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