Greed is a Scapegoat

That seems the popular thing to point out about what’s wrong with the world: Greed. I forget which episode it was, but it was one of the newer KoA episodes and the idea of people only looking out for themselves was brought up and pointed to by someone as what he thought was wrong with the world. I don’t remember who said it or whether it held up throughout the discussion, but that’s not as important as far as what I want to talk about – suffice to say, it brought the popular practice of demonizing greed to mind.

I’d bet most people agree with that sentiment, that that greedy one percent (or whatever convenient label you have for people you feel are exploiting you) are exploiting the average person because they’re so damned greedy. After all movements like Occupy Wall Street, Anonymous, etc. are popular and I’ve heard a lot of litanies against greed from those types of groups. Personally, I don’t see greed as the problem; there’s a variety of different factors, and two that easily, readily come to mind are a) if you’re a victim, it’s because you’re allowing yourself to be and b) their greed isn’t the problem, it’s their stupidity.

Long-term, if we keep going the way we are is this country going to last? Probably not – which is fine, I’ve always said that there’s a reason the second amendment is one of our rights (i.e. that a nation has a life cycle, a progression, and the 2nd amendment was meant for that inevitability). But it’s not because people are greedy. It’s because they’re not very bright.

(Written ?-?-12 // Probably March of 2012)

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