Sith Quotes

A few quotes I put into my Facebook profile

“You have to carve a niche for yourself. That’s the strength required here. No one is going to believe in you FOR you. That’s the Sith Path. Are you worthy or aren’t you?”

“You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make [it] drink. That’s the horses responsibility.”

“Human beings that have no passion, have no drive. If they have no passion, they have no goals. A life without passion is a life without love, a life without substance. A Sith should live life, with burning passion to expierence all there is. A life without attachments is a wasted one.”

“Life is messy. Being covered in mud means you were in it, not just looking at it.”

“I walk a Path beyond words, because there are no words for it, and even if there were, only those already along it would understand them, and this writing would be silly, as it would become a matter of course and not worth mentioning.”

“A life without fear would be very boring.”

If there’s another post centering solely around “sith quotes” it’ll probably reflect more diversity in the sources I’m going to draw on.

(Living (not fictional) Sith Quotes)

(Originally Compiled/Written January 6th, 2012)


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