Brian & Stewie

To pull off awesome shit, it takes effort. But… for people that are just ‘gifted’, can they put something out with little or no effort, only to find a positive reception waiting for them when they share it. An episode of Family Guy comes to mind, in which Brian (the dog) has this book no one will buy or read, a book he’s worked really hard on, and one he wishes people would like.

At some point, he talks to Stewie about the trash on the bestsellers list, and while I don’t remember exactly what Brian says, it basically amounts to this: he could shit better books.

Anyways, the point is that he put all this time, effort, and thought into a book, but everyone either wan’t interested or thought it was shit. He gets discouraged, gives up, then writes a piece of shit in a matter of minutes/hours, a load of crap he felt to be on par with the shitty books on the bestseller list. And then it turns out to be a bestseller.

Take whatever you want out of that. I liked that particular episode though, it makes an interesting point about what it usually means to gain recognition, what you can get people to buy into, and what the general population gravitates towards. In the question of effort versus output, the former doesn’t necessarily result in either quality or recognition.

(Written May 22nd, 2012)


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