Par Excellence

It is of the utmost importance for dark practitioner to hold himself to the highest standard. The natural bleed over, especially in those that do this successfully, is in attempts to hold all others to higher standards. On one level, this is fine; and from this, there are two options: to be vocal in criticisms or to judge others in silence. Given the understanding a devotee of the dark side might have of power, especially as a seasoned Student or newly christened Knight, the former probably seems the most obvious choice. To affect change in such enviroments as the ones we converse in, the outright vocalization of one’s judgements is probably seen as the most expedient and effective way of getting others to do, be, and perform ‘better’. In any case, I would say that historically it has been the most common choice. That being said, I wouldn’t necessarily regard it as the most effective.

Silence, if you stop and think about it, can actually have a bunch of different implications. It could signify apathy, it could indicate agreement and therefore a lack of need to say anything else, it might mean that someone disagrees with something but sees a way in which challenging it would detract from the furtherment of their own agenda (or that it might even serves ones purpose better to remain silent). It could be that to break ones silence (especially selective silence(?)) would ruin what the individual aims to achieve in a given context in the same way a magic trick would be ruined if you told the audience how the tirck worked just before performing it for them.

(Written May 18th, 2012 // Totally incomplete & abandoned.)


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