Raising the Stakes

I deliver the Dark adepts I am supposed to be guiding an ultimatum: to be the life blood of the cause, the Way, or to let the community die, surrending it to entropy. That part of Consecratio in Atrum may be one of the most solid, true elements of the consecration of the Dark Aspect. These are the stakes, and concerning the affairs, the ups and downs, of the forum, the stakes get no higher.

So what is this question of how do we raise the stakes? We’re maxed out, you just need to see it. Is that what you need me to do before Real Work begins, so that you can actually begin to see that we have nothing? That I am Head of nothing but a name of a place? It’s just a name, with nothing of substance attached to it; it’s null and void. The past means nothing. It’s gone.

The choice: to let it’s recent death be the final one, or Will its rebirth. I cannot raise the stakes, I can only make them more painfully obvious. I’m just astonished that it can’t be seen already.

(Written April 7th, 2012)

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