Reinventing The Steel

The blog I started under a different name while I was absent from the FA, created with a fresh pen name that wasn’t saddled with anything but potential, has proven to be an interesting exploration, an interesting experiment. Certain elements that came out for me in putting it together will – actually already have, but will continue to – inevitably bleed over and come through in their own way here. Hence the title of this post. I may even nab some of my mind splatterings from there and add them here. I won’t necessarily abandon the other blog, I just have serious doubts it can be as satisfying or enjoyable as the one you’re at right now. It was was a nice change in stride and a bit of a learning experience in getting a feel for this medium from a very, very different (and in some ways far less restrictive) perspective.

You might have already noticed there are a few symbols up at the top of the site now. I got them there by tinkering with the text that’s supposed to appear at the top with this particular theme. They’re (4) trigrams (of the I Ching) that, combined (lower/higher & lower/higher) make two hexagrams which have current significance to a question I ‘divined’ the answer to. Not that I see ‘divining’ as much more than a means of bringing things into focus and taking broad advice or predictions and seeing how they can be applied to what’s currently going on in life. Anyways, there’s that slight tweak, along with a new image for the site, a new avatar, and an updated, shortened bio for my profile (which I mentioned in an earlier post just before the splurge of drafts, but have since revised again).

“I’m known pretty much everywhere online as (Darth) Draconis; I founded OotS in October of 2006, I studied at the FA for a time, was knighted (sometime in ’09 if memory serves) and served as head of the dark aspect there until March of ’13, when during an unannounced leave of absence I was removed from my position. I am a devotee of darkness, one could say, and a Sith (Realist) practitioner.”

There may be a few other reinventions to things here – to the way I do things and the way it’s all presented – as I go along, playing in my playground. I’m not sure anyone following along will necessarily enjoy the ride, but I am. So onward we go…


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